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Alpine cuisine

Skiing for the whole day may be very tiring. Waiting in the queue for ski lifts, changing slopes, skiing on a really long track - all that may make us want to relax for a moment. We can just sit and enjoy the beautiful views around us, but we can also go to one of the many chalets in the area. Those existing in European ski resorts are not cosy huts any more. They were transformed into huge complexes, with everything needed inside. One of their main function now is not providing a place to sleep, but a place to eat.

Restaurants in ski resorts offer a wide range of dishes, to suit everyone's needs. No matter whether you are a vegetarian, or you love eating meat - you will always find something for you. The cuisine served there is often international, so you can find pizza and hamburgers just one next to each other. But maybe, while being in a different country, you would like to try something special? 

A very good example for a traditional cuisine in a ski resort is Austria, with its famous skiing area - Tirol. Menus include everything from traditional Tirolean meals to international dishes and lean cuisine. Typical Tirolean specialities include: Speckkndel, Grstel and Tiroler Leber. Speckkndels are dumpings with cured ham, served in beef stock or with the Coleslaw salad. Grstel is a sliced pan fried onions and potatoes with meat, cured ham and eggs. Tiroler Leber is veal or beef liver with onions, cured ham, lemon juice and wine. As for a dessert you should choose famous Apfel Strudel, which is an excellent apple strudel. 

Tirol is also famous of its wines and other alcohols. You can choose from a wide range of South Tirolean red wines or Lower Austrian white wines. If you prefer beer, you should taste the Austrian one without any doubt or hesitation. Austria produces several types of excellent schnapps made from apples, pears, rowanberry, gentian or juniper. Another great place to try out traditional national dishes is Italy. Can you think of any better occasion of eating delicious Italian spaghetti, than after few hours of active skiing? Or having a slice of a real Italian pizza after finishing a really difficult Giant Slalom? Each skiing region, apart from many dishes of international cuisine, will offer you many dishes from its traditional kitchen. 

You shouldn't be afraid of that and use the opportunity to get known with the different cooking culture. While skiing in Poland you can nourish yourself with delicious Polish cheese - oscypek. Slovakia offers you vyprazeny syr - magnificent fried cheese. Instead of having another hamburger - try something different.

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