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Though a less popular winter destination than France or Italy, Poland provides skiing holiday opportunities that are not only fully satisfactory, but also highly affordable. Only here will you be able to find a wide range of slopes, walking routes and accommodation at prices so disproportionately low to the standard of attractions provided. That is at least partially why millions of Poles and an increasing number of international tourists flock to the southernmost parts of Poland to enjoy the beauty and majesty of the Polish Mountains, both during the winter and in the summer season.
Polish ski resorts have received plenty of renovation in the last decade. New skiing areas were opened. Old drag lifts were changed into new chair lifts to improve efficiency and comfort of holiday makers. Snow making facilities are available in nearly every destination. If you were on a ski vacation to Poland a decade ago, it makes sense to give it another try - the country has improved.
Use this website to research, compare and choose your next Poland ski holiday destination. Then book one of the thousands of holiday accommodation deals we offer. From basic holiday rental flats to luxury ski hotels, we have you covered.
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