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Arlberg Ski Resort - 354 km ski runs

146Easy 161Medium 46Difficult 99Ski lifts 50Chair lifts40Drag lifts9Gondola

The Arlberg ski region is one of many contenders for the title of the winter capital of Austria. It has been competing for years with Ischgl and Soelden. Every experienced skier is familiar with the towns of Lech, Zuers and St. Anton, and the entire area has a high position in the world lists of ski areas that everyone should visit at least once. It is also one of the oldest ski resorts, a mecca for lovers of this sport.

The entire Arlberg ski region consists of five fantastic ski resorts that together offer over 350 km of trails. The strength of the region’s ski offer is the fact that from these five resorts it is difficult to pick the best one. The resorts of St. Anton - St. Christoph - Stuben and Lech - Zuers each offer over 120 km of trails of almost identical levels of difficulty. In third place in terms of the number of runs is the Warth – Schroecken region (since 2013 connected with Lech - Zuers by a gondola), offering almost 60 km of slopes. Finally, you also have the choice of the small but pleasant resorts of Sonnenkopf in Kloesterle (31 km of trails) and 15 km in Pettneu.

All the local resorts are among the best in the whole Alps in terms of average snowfall. Seasons in which there are over 2 m of snow on the trails are not uncommon. Moreover, the local microclimate ensures a long season, which usually ends on the last weekend of April. In this situation, in Arlberg you can ski down trails as well as off-piste. The off-piste opportunities here are among the best in the world and attract many lovers of this discipline. However, you don’t need to be an expert to take full advantage of the great opportunities, which the local trails also offer to beginner and intermediate skiers.

With such an extensive range of skiing opportunities available from multiple locations in each of the three valleys, the choice of accommodation mainly comes down to prices. Lech, Oberlech and Zuers are absolutely high-end, competing with the ridiculously expensive hotels of Courchevel 1850 and Verbier. The other towns have more reasonable prices. Accommodation in St. Anton am Arlberg is indeed clearly more expensive than the average of the Alps, but you can find interesting options here. More affordable accommodation can be found in Warth, Schroecken, Kloesterle, Stuben and Pettneu, but in some cases you may need to use the perfectly operating in Arlberg local transportation system.

Tandem paragliding, swimming pools and spa & wellness centers are just some of the attractions that await tourists in Arlberg. You can also spend evenings on the lit slopes or toboggan tracks. Fans of skating and curling will also be satisfied. There is also a kindergarten in St. Anton, which offers all-day care for kids. There is also a ski school with special technical facilities for children.

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Arlberg Ski Resorts & Maps

St. Anton, St. Christoph, Stuben
128 kmTotal ski runs 52 kmEasy 59 kmMedium 17 kmDifficult 18Drag lifts 18Chair lifts 3Gondola
Lech - Zurs
122 kmTotal ski runs 47 kmEasy 59 kmMedium 16 kmDifficult 11Drag lifts 17Chair lifts 4Gondola
Warth - Schroecken
59 kmTotal ski runs 32 kmEasy 17 kmMedium 10 kmDifficult 4Drag lifts 11Chair lifts
Klosterle Sonnenkopf
31 kmTotal ski runs 13 kmEasy 16 kmMedium 2 kmDifficult 5Drag lifts 3Chair lifts 1Gondola
15 kmTotal ski runs 3 kmEasy 10 kmMedium 2 kmDifficult 2Drag lifts 1Chair lifts 1Gondola

Arlberg ski resort reviews

Traveling to Zürs and Lech with a free ski bus was only possible from the furthest point of St Anton, not from the center of St Anton. That's kind of a bummer, as with the ski pass you pay also from Zürs and Lech, and if you want to get there early in the morning, the only option is to pay for the transport (as reaching the free ski bus with skis from St Anton center takes about 1 hour). Afterski places were numerous, although only Mooserwirt delivered a proper afterski, somehow the other places were super quiet or just were closed for unknown reason. The only non-skiing activity we did was a visit at the spa center in the St Anton center. It was a relaxing experience after a hard day of skiing. Other than that I don't think there's much else to do than ski. There were some cross country skiers around, but as it was early April, there wasn't much snow in the valley (although snow conditions in the mountain were just perfect, we got some fresh powder too :)
Bardzo fajne miejsce. Duża różnorodność tras w obrębie całego regionu narciarskiego. Stoki szerokie, nasłonecznione, w St. Anton, St. Christoph i Rendl bardzo dobrze przygotowane. Rozbudowana sieć nowych wyciągów. Dobrze zorganizowany transfer skibusami. Lech jest już połączone z Warth-Schroecken nowoczesną gondolką i oferuje bardzo duży wybór tras dla każdego. W Warth zaawansowani narciarze znajdą swój raj - liczne czarne i wymagające czarne szlaki. Naprawdę warto tu przyjechać!
St Anton is a beautiful resort with fantastic skiing for the better skiers but not suitable for beginners, the off piste is superb. The resort itself is not cheap, you need to reserve tables for dinner and bars charge to get in after 8pm. It's very picturesque but you need to have a big wallet. Atmosphere is good on the slopes in the Apres ski bars but the friendly, charming smaller bars are not there like in other smaller resorts.
The lift system was excellent. The Apres ski was excellent. We were very surprised to have to pay for the buses between the ski areas. Compared to Chamonix for example where the buses are free and cover a large area. Also it significantly delayed the departure of the bus. I would definitely choose this resort again
Definitely would go to St Anton again - it's a traditional ski resort, very clean and everyone is so friendly - the staff as well as other skiers. The nightlife was brilliant, loads of bars and clubs to choose from. Free shuttle bus service. Not been snow boarding before but this was a great place to learn.
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Arlberg Ski Pass Prices

Ski Arlberg (348 km) Adults Youth (14-17-year old) Children (8-13-year old) Baby (0-7-year old)
02.12 - 08.12.2018 212 EUR 183 EUR 126 EUR 0 EUR
09.12 - 22.12.2018 259 EUR 226 EUR 151 EUR 0 EUR
23.12 - 06.04.2019 303 EUR 261 EUR 181 EUR 0 EUR
07.04 - 22.04.2019 259 EUR 226 EUR 151 EUR 0 EUR
02.12 - 08.12.2018 117 EUR 103 EUR 69 EUR 0 EUR
09.12 - 22.12.2018 143 EUR 127 EUR 84 EUR 0 EUR
23.12 - 06.04.2019 166 EUR 147 EUR 99 EUR 0 EUR
07.04 - 22.04.2019 143 EUR 127 EUR 84 EUR 0 EUR
02.12 - 08.12.2018 151 EUR 131 EUR 90 EUR 0 EUR
09.12 - 22.12.2018 185 EUR 161 EUR 108 EUR 0 EUR
23.12 - 06.04.2019 216 EUR 187 EUR 129 EUR 0 EUR
07.04 - 22.04.2019 185 EUR 161 EUR 108 EUR 0 EUR
02.12 - 08.12.2018 183 EUR 159 EUR 109 EUR 0 EUR
09.12 - 22.12.2018 224 EUR 194 EUR 131 EUR 0 EUR
23.12 - 06.04.2019 261 EUR 226 EUR 155 EUR 0 EUR
07.04 - 22.04.2019 224 EUR 194 EUR 131 EUR 0 EUR
02.12 - 08.12.2018 239 EUR 206 EUR 143 EUR 0 EUR
09.12 - 22.12.2018 292 EUR 254 EUR 171 EUR 0 EUR
23.12 - 06.04.2019 340 EUR 293 EUR 204 EUR 0 EUR
07.04 - 22.04.2019 292 EUR 254 EUR 171 EUR 0 EUR

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