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Kasprowy Wierch
11 kmTotal ski runs 7 kmMedium 4 kmDifficult 1Drag lifts 2Chair lifts 2Gondola
3 kmTotal ski runs 1 kmEasy 1 kmMedium 1 kmDifficult 3Drag lifts 1Chair lifts
2 kmTotal ski runs 2 kmEasy 2Drag lifts 1Gondola
1 kmTotal ski runs 1 kmMedium 2Drag lifts 3Chair lifts
1 kmTotal ski runs 1 kmEasy 5Drag lifts

Zakopane ski resort reviews

I loved Zakopane. It turned out that I didn't like skiing at all, but I still had a great holiday. I think it is the perfect place for a beginner to go as it is just so cheap. If I had gone to France only to find out that I didn't like skiing it would have cost me a fortune. Also, since apres ski activites in France are really expensive I would have had a crap holiday. As it was, I had a great holiday. I drank cherry vodka, ate great (cheap) food, played around in the snow and wasn't at all disappointed. My brother who is a very competant skier and snowboarder came with us and he said that the slopes were not very good for someone of his level. He still had a good holiday, but someone who is good at skiing or snowboarding and knows they like it should go somewhere else. Someone who wants to try it for the first time and wants a fun cheap holiday should come to Zakopane.
it was great for a first time experience and great to visit a new country which is beautiful. The variety of runs/ slopes compared to france and italy was very poor. The people were very nice but the level of english speaking was very poor esp in restaurants and shops. The prices of the food was a very pleasant surprise. I would recommend it for first time couples but not for those who have skied previously or those with young kids
I liked our appartment and all the atmosphere of the resort. As for ski its very good for the beginners and children. The only exeptional slope was Kasprovy verh but it was half working during our stay/ Also we were unlucky when it comes to snow - it started a bit late. Since we are more or less advanced skiers I dont think we visit Zakopane for ski again. But we really enjoy our stay
My first impression of the area we stayed in was beautiful. It snowed for the first five days of our holiday. I have never seen so much snow in my life. The people were very friendly and helpful. I would recommend this resort to anyone, 5 out of 5, Please take a chance and visit Zakopane, I promise you wont regert it. from Ireland.
I would return to Zakopane. It would be great as a family destination. The spa hotels are a good addition for non-skiers, or to relax after skiing and escape the cold. Transport to the mountain is limited at night. We relied on getting the last ski lift or funicular by 9pm, or had to pay for a taxi.
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